hush now (chimpchampion) wrote in expatriotism,
hush now

an open mind and four to six months holiday time!!

I am in need of a massive brainstorm from anyone/everyone, but especially those with European travel under their belts, to assist me in planning a four-month European summer vacation. Formerly planned to be the summer of my dreams with a dear friend, I was recently informed of a certain, drastic change in plans (I'm not comfortable discussing it here).
My ticket is entirely non-refundable, and so I will be trudging through instead of losing 1.2k on it.
I land on the 17th of July in Frankfurt, and will be travelling alone to see as much of Europe as I can in what time I have. A Eurail Pass is possible, as well as other student options, though I will be pedestrian-bound otherwise.

I have never left this continent, though I like to think I'm tough-as-nails and can muster the moxy for the solo expedition. No experience in foreign countries and sad language skills in the romantic ones will probably limit the eligible areas/activities. Lastly, I am currently busting my ass to make as much money as possible to take with me and am looking at a budget of <$6,000 USD... (~$4,500 EU currently)

Please help out with any ideas, experiences, advice, contacts, etc.!! I'm sure I'll need it very soon! :)

Thanks in advance!
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